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Cellpower Pro™ 7.0

The “Swiss Army Knife” of Microsoft Excel Plug-ins

( For use with all versions of Microsoft Excel, starting with 4.0 )



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Hello.  I am the developer of Cellpower Pro 7.0.  I have used this software on projects at the following companies:


A. M. Castle & Co.


American Academy of Pediatrics

Kraft Foods

Amoco Corporation

MCI WorldCom

Aon Corporation

National Safety Council

Arlington Industries


Chicago Board of Trade

Peoples Choice Cable TV


Proctor & Gamble

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Rand McNally


U.S. Office Products

General Electric Company

U.S. Robotics


Using Cellpower Pro 7.0 in real-world situations has allowed me to give Cellpower Pro 7.0 real-world functionality.



Cellpower Pro 7.0 provides you with 1000-macros functionality; thus, saving you the trouble of creating scores of macros.


Cellpower Pro 7.0 simplifies bookkeeping, finds cells, remembers data, increments formulas, appends text, accelerates the cursor, eliminates keystrokes, and more.


Using the Move-To-Target-Cells feature is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:


1>   Unlock the cells you want to use.  (Press the HIDE button [see below] then use the F8 key on your keyboard to unlock the cells you want to use.)


2>   Click on the Target Checkbox (see below).


3>   Press ENTER on your keyboard.




Visit our Screenshots Page.



How To Purchase Cellpower Pro 7.0


Price:  $20.00


Order/Payment Options


Option 1


Download Cellpower Pro 7.0.


Option 2


Receive Cellpower Pro 7.0 via email.


Option 3


Purchase Cellpower Pro 7.0 on CD at CD Dynamics.


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